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Facebook is a great source when you’re starting your job search. Most companies post information about their company culture, which is totally relevant when you’re deciding whether a company is a good fit for you. Not only is it informative and easily accessible, it provides an easy means to apply and communicate with the company. Here’s why Facebook is the perfect source during your job search.

Clean up your profile

Remember that once you start searching, prospective employers will be able to see your profile, so make sure it’s free from bad language, controversial posts, and inappropriate pictures. You can click on “view as” to see what your profile looks like to outsiders. To really impress potential employers, share articles and craft posts related to your industry.

Set up your search

Under the “jobs” tab, narrow your results by location, industry, and job type. You can also “subscribe” to receive information about opportunities in the future. Then you can apply to the jobs you want through Facebook, which will auto-fill information for you each time you apply.

Look at pictures

Pictures can tell you a lot about a company. Sure, a lot of them are staged, but they can still give hints about company culture and what goes on behind closed doors. You can see what people wear, whether there’s a lot of exotic travel, whether people seem to collaborate or work independently, and what kind of events they might host or sponsor.

Stay up to date

Read announcements, news and updates from the companies you want to work for. Aside from just reading and liking their pages, pay attention to the content, word choice and tone. Does the company seem to engage in projects you’d be interested in? Do they ever participate in community service activities? You can also tailor your resume and application to highlight things that align with their values.

Search for the mission

Look to see if the company’s mission is apparent in their Facebook posts and decide whether what they claim to do is something you want to be involved in. Does it seem like somewhere you belong? Is it a mission you could get yourself out of bed for every morning?

See how active they are

Are they posting frequently? Do they reply to comments? Do they “like” comments? This can clue you into how friendly the company is and how much they value the opinions of their customers and followers. If they seem open-minded and responsive to the outside world, they probably treat their employees in a similar way.

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