Soft skills are those intangible skills and traits that are harder to measure and define, but sometimes more important than certifications and other qualifications. But just because they can’t always be measured doesn’t mean hiring managers and supervisors can’t tell when they’re there or not. Most soft skills deal with interpersonal interactions, teamwork, and cohesiveness. Here are nine soft skills employers are looking for.


It’s fine to be frustrated with a setback at work, and everyone has a bad day, but people will find you much more enjoyable to work with if you’re positive. The next time your manager is assigning a new project or promoting someone, you’ll stand out if you’ve always been eager for new challenges and rebounded after a failure.


Treat people like people. Greet your co-workers and managers when you see them in the morning—give a wave and ask how their day is going. Then, listen and show you value their responses and viewpoints.

Social Media and Technology

Your company probably has a policy about social media and using cellphones during work hours. Be sure to respect it. And if they don’t have such a policy, be sensible. Don’t post anything about the company you’re working for on social media unless it’s glowingly positive. And if your cellphone is distracting you from the work you’re being paid to do, turn it off! Unless it’s an emergency, keep your phone usage to a minimum.


Always be thinking about how to help the team. You need to be able to collaborate, communicate, share the credit and share the blame.


Take pride in your work. Even though you’re working to make a positive impact on the business, the quality of your work reflects on you and your teams. Manufacturing workers cannot cut corners, you have to make sure every step is done to meet your company’s standards.


Be open to change, excited about new ideas, and accept new challenges that are presented to you. The technology your company uses will change quickly, so will roles and responsibilities, so be prepared to roll with the punches.


Use your brain to constantly be thinking about ways to work faster, more efficiently, or better. Supervisors are quick to notice employees who are innovating, thinking outside the box, and prioritizing the quality of their company’s product.


Don’t hesitate to report something if you see it is wrong. Safety and your company’s integrity rely on everything running smoothly, so report any violations or other potential hazards to your supervisor as soon as possible.

Accept Feedback

When you’re given constructive criticism, accept it with a positive attitude. Your employer will want to see you’re looking to improve and open to helpful feedback.

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