There have been a lot of developments in the world of employment, and the manufacturing sector is no exception. Employees are finding that benefits like flex time and more control over their roles are becoming the norm and no longer a hard-to-find perk. Meanwhile, manufacturing employees lag behind the national average when it comes to employee engagement, so improvements need to be made to make sure employees are engaged at work. Here are four simple ways to improve the workplace culture.

Communicate More

Let your employees know what your goals are, both for individual workers and for the company as a whole. When they see their actions matter and have an impact on the company’s bottom line, they’re more likely to value their every task and action a little bit more. If you have the chance, have your employees meet some of your customers, so they can see who they’re producing for and why quality is so important. Often, putting a face to a name helps your workers feel more invested and engaged, knowing their work benefits someone, not just an arbitrary customer.

Allow Employees to Have Control

Manufacturing schedules can sometimes be rigid, but if you can grant some control to your employees, they’ll feel valued and will appreciate the power they have to make choices. Maybe you can let them choose their schedules, pick their days off, or even which tasks they’re responsible for at each shift. Though the procedures and responsibilities might seem tedious or mundane, adding a little variety or freedom for your employees is a nice perk.

Make Employees Feel Valued

Let your employees know their opinions and viewpoints matter. Validate their concerns and address them as best you can. Show your workers how each task and each role contributes to the wellbeing of the whole company. When they know their work matters, they’re likely to take a little more care with it. If you have the means, invest in their career advancement. Offer to sponsor workshops, seminars, or any other type of professional development for your employees. And when you can, treat them. Bring in breakfast or coffee, host a happy hour, or celebrate when you meet a team goal.

Be Available and Engaged

If you’re sitting around waiting for your employees to feel engaged, you need to first show that you’re engaged. Aside from showing an interest in your employees, be approachable. Have an open-door policy and listen to your employees concerns with respect. Offer them feedback and constructive criticism and listen to their questions. Remember, it’s your job to hold them accountable and develop their skills in an effort to help them advance their careers.

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