Production Manager

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Experienced Production Manager

Or have you worked in supervisory positions in the manufacturing sector and think you’re ready to step up to a more senior management position?

This might be your chance.

With a salary in the $75,000 to $85,000 range and competitive benefits, this Production Manager position is a challenging and financially rewarding professional job placement opportunity.

What you’ll need to bring is an understanding of the entire manufacturing process. This includes your well-developed soft skills (team management, labor relations, and effective communication) and hard skills (understanding of ISO standards and HSE guidelines, computer proficiency, and technical knowledge of manufacturing). Your entire range of management skills will be needed to fulfill the requirements of this challenging position.

Core responsibilities include accurately tracking and reporting inventory consumption and inventory generation, as well as working closely with the Materials and Engineering departments to guarantee the assembly of products that meet rigorous specifications, all while remaining within operative budget parameters.

Additional responsibilities include implementing new processes and equipment into the manufacturing process, adding value to the company’s operations, ensuring safety, and managing employee relations.

The educational requirement for this position is a BA in Engineering Technology (Mechanical, Industrial, Manufacturing), although equivalent experience in a precision metal manufacturing environment will also meet the employer’s educational requirement. The combined education and/or work experience should be at least in the two- to seven-year range.

Required experience includes supervising shop floor employees, a general understanding of employment law and best practices, effective oral and written communication skills, excellent interpersonal and coaching skills, and excellent Microsoft Windows computer skills (including Excel and database management and record keeping software).

The standards of performance expected of this position include:

  • An ability to improve working conditions (safety, quality, productivity, and cost) and increase the skills and capabilities of all employees.
  • The preparation of activity plans, including verbal presentations to management.
  • An ability to improve production control, standard operating procedures, safety, quality control, and performance-management techniques.
  • An on-time delivery-to-schedule rate of 90 percent.
  • A reduction of overtime to a maximum of 10 percent per employee (with a maximum of 5 percent per department).
  • An accuracy rate of 95 percent for inventory transactions and materials charged to jobs in both items and dollars.
  • Zero lost time due to accidents in the area of responsibility.
  • Achieve a 90 percent productivity rate on standard parts.

Essential functions of the position include: 

  • Managing employee relations (scheduling, work assignments, overtime, and other shop related duties).
  • Recommending hires, promotions, discipline, and discharge (in accordance with company guidelines).
  • Providing technical assistance to employees (including cross-training for each craft, internal and external tooling knowledge, and ensuring growth paths for employees).
  • Maintaining a safe work environment.
  • Developing and maintaining a local vendor network.
  • Managing tooling maintenance.
  • Reviewing incoming lot cards and other necessary documents to ensure that assets can be produced on budget and on time.


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