Most people spend more waking hours at work with co-workers than at home with family and friends. So it’s important to get along with these people so you can work together and enjoy all that time you get to spend with them! Here are some reasons why it’s important to develop positive workplace relationships.

Teamwork makes the dream work

When people get to know each other well, they build trust and respect. They’ll grow to rely on each other for innovative ideas and collaborate on important tasks. Reach out to your co-workers and offer to help them when you can. They’ll return the favor and teamwork is established!

Good relationships boost morale

When you get along with your co-workers, you’ll find yourself looking forward to heading to work and spending time with them. Work becomes fun, instead of an annoyance! If you’re stiff and unfriendly to the people working around you, they’ll be the same to you, and those hours at work will drag on. So, make friends and have a blast! Just make sure you’re getting your work done, too.

Happy employees stay longer

The more satisfied you are with your work and the more connected you are to your co-workers, the longer you’ll stay at your company. Over time, you might move up or get promoted, but your colleagues will be like your family, so you’ll want to stick together. Remember that trusting friendships take time to develop, so if it doesn’t happen right away, don’t fret. It takes effort. Ask your co-workers open-ended questions about themselves and share some of your personal life with them as well. Invite them to lunch or to grab a quick coffee, and offer to help them out when you can.

Fulfillment causes productivity

Happy employees work harder and are naturally more productive. You’ll be more engaged in your work, more connected to those around you, and try hard not to let your co-workers down. And they’ll work just as hard not to let you down. Their goals are aligned with the company’s goals, so they want to see the company grow and be successful.

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