Your resume is a critical document! So little space and so many important details to squeeze in there. The key is to eliminate unnecessary jargon, so you have room for the more meaningful information. Unfortunately, when people start to focus on using jazzy words that will make their resumes stand out, they tend to use words and phrases that turn into white noise to hiring managers. Here are eight overused buzzwords you need to ditch on your resume.

Overused buzzwords

Here they are: Best of breed. Go-getter. Think outside the box. Synergy. Go-to person. Results-driven. Team player. Strategic thinker.

The problem with most of these words is they’re vague. They’re nice nouns and adjectives, but they don’t really explain what you DID in your previous jobs, which is exactly what your potential employer wants to hear. It’s why they’re scanning your resume and calling you in for an interview. They want to know your past achievements uniquely qualify you for the responsibilities they’d like you to take on. So be specific and descriptive. What you did at your last company might be exactly what they want to hire you to do! So brag about it.

Use strong action verbs

As you’re listing your accomplishments and achievements, each one should start with a powerful action verb that gives a sense of you taking charge and being the hero! You created, influenced, increased or decreased, negotiated or launched. Without your wise interventions, your company would be floundering and every incremental increase on their bottom line is thanks to you.

Include metrics

Pepper each accomplishment with numbers and metrics to give them context. You saved your company money! Great, how much? You trained and mentored new employees. How many? You improved customer service so customers had a shorter wait time! Give details for that, too—how long did it take you? How much time did it shave off? You chaired, coordinated, executed or oversaw a new project? Good for you, now let some numbers demonstrate what it did for your company.

Be confident and proud. If you’re worried about sounding like you’re bragging, don’t. Your resume is the place for you to showcase your career trophies, to demonstrate you are talented and capable, and eager for greater challenges.

Put Your Resume to Use!

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