Hiring is a really stressful decision! It’s like trying to decide on a marriage proposal after one date. And the wrong hire can cost a company time, money and even morale, so it’s important to make the right decision right from the start. Here are six tips to make sure you’re making the right hiring decision.

Make your expectations clear

As you interview, let the candidates know what they’ll be expected to accomplish after the first month, the first three months, and the first year. Then ask them how they’d plan on achieving this. If they balk or their plan doesn’t reflect good judgment or a reasonable process, you might want to weed that person out.

Take your time

Spend more time screening candidates and don’t force yourself to rush the decision. Pre-screen candidates over the phone before you bring them in for interviews and take the time to thoroughly check references.

Listen for the candidate’s questions

Every candidate knows you’ll ask if they have questions at the end of the interview. They’ve planned for these questions, so listen carefully because they’re usually very insightful. Is it evident they’ve done research? Are they planning ahead, envisioning themselves in the role?

Ask open-ended questions

Give the candidates a chance to express themselves during the interview. You need to make sure their personality and behaviors will fit into your company culture. Their personal values should align with the values and mission of the company. Don’t hesitate to ask some off-the-wall questions or engage them in a fun activity that will allow them to open up. When the candidate feels comfortable, they’re more likely to give you honest answers.

Keep an eye out for passion

You can always train an employee who lacks skills or experience, but you can’t compensate for a lack of passion! Keep an eye out for someone who has energy to work hard and is enthusiastic about your company’s mission.

Keep asking why

As the candidates are explaining their work history, keep asking why. The more they talk, the more clues they’ll reveal about what type of worker they are. Are they leaders? Or do they function better as part of a team? Inquire about past failures, too. You want to make sure they take responsibility for their shortcomings and are learning from mistakes.

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