Building a solid and open relationship with your recruiter can go a long way! By understanding your career needs and wants, they’ll be able to match you with a job opportunity that will be a good fit for you. If you’re not upfront with them or they misunderstand your aspirations and interests, they’ll either have trouble placing you or you’ll end up somewhere that’s not suited for you. Here are some steps to building a relationship with your recruiter, so you can take the next step in your career.

Answer questions at your first meeting

It’s important to start with transparency, integrity and respect right off the bat! Your recruiter will be asking a lot of questions at that first meeting and it’s important to answer thoroughly and honestly so they can get to know you. They’ll want to know what kind of working environment is best for you, what your strengths and weaknesses are; what your career goals are. As they ask about your education and work history, they’re forming a better idea of your expectations and career situation. Explain yourself clearly and honestly, so they can match you with the right opportunities.

Meet in person

Emails and phone conversations just aren’t enough! Your recruiter is trying to make sure they’re forwarding you opportunities you’re truly interested in, or prepping you for upcoming interviews. Face-to-face meetings are so much more effective to fully convey information. And recruiters can glean a lot by reading your tone and expression. Effective, straightforward meetings will speed up the hiring process!

Provide and receive honest feedback

Recruiters want to hear your honest opinions about the opportunities they present to you. They don’t want to place you in a that you’re not in love with. Tell them what you truly think, so they can match you with a position you’re comfortable committing to. And likewise, they’ll be giving you constructive feedback. They’re trying to help you get hired, so if they give you advice, take it and run with it! Use what they tell you to your advantage.

Keep the end goal in sight

Through the ups and downs, bumps and lags of the hiring process, remember that ultimately, you’re both working to get you a job. The better your relationship is, the more effective the recruitment process will be. They can help you prepare for interviews and give you the background information on companies and positions they want you to consider. The goal is a job opportunity that’s perfectly suited for you! And if down the road, you end up leaving that job, you’ve already established a relationship with an experienced recruiter!

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