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We excel at marketing to employers the skills and experience of outstanding job candidates. We know what they are looking for and how to present your work background and training in ways that will appeal to them. We’ll act as your agent in the labor market and maximize your opportunities in the Twin Cities manufacturing sector.

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Our mission is to assist employers in obtaining the highest quality employees. That means employees like you. We seek out accomplished individuals with a strong desire to succeed and match them with employers who are ready to hire.


There are a significant number of manufacturing positions — both technical and managerial — that are open right now. Companies are looking for skilled applicants and have hired us to find them. Let us know about your skills and experience. Then let us market you to Minnesota’s manufacturers. We’re confident we can land you your next job.

Competitive Salaries & Benefits

Our business clients are some of the best employers in the Twin Cities region. They offer competitive salaries, superior benefits packages, and excellent vacation and holiday plans. We regularly place employees in direct hire, contract-to-hire, and long-term placements at superior employers.

By having your resume with us, hundreds of the best companies in the region will have access to it. By going through our pre-employment screening and interview process and then plugging into Hire Authority’s superb reputation with area employers, local companies will already be confident of your skills and work readiness the moment your resume lands in their hands.

Our pre-employment screening process will make sure that you have the best resume possible. Our contacts in the business world will then ensure that it gets into the hands of the right people at the right human resources department.

Specialized Positions (Job Search)

Here are some of the positions that we specialize in, though any job in the manufacturing sector is within our realm of expertise. But we regularly make placements in these job categories at local companies and probably have openings waiting to be filled:

Quality Control Manager – Operator – Inspector

A professional quality control team that consistently ensures the production of first-class products is an underlying fact of every successful manufacturer. The standards established by engineers and designers must be guaranteed. Machinery must be operating within required parameters. Staff must be supervised and properly trained. Are you an experienced Quality Control Manager, Quality Control Operator, or Quality Control Inspector? Do you know how to organize a shop, maintain stringent records, and implement effective inspection systems? If so, there are opportunities that Hire Authority is ready to share with you. Contact us to find out what’s out there waiting for you.

CNC Machinist

As a specialist machinist working with computer numeric controlled (CNC) heavy machinery, you are tasked with setting up, operating, and maintaining some of the world’s most complex manufacturing devices. Working with metal, plastic, or a range of other components that are the raw materials of modern industrial production, the precision machinery that you are responsible for fabricates a wide range of final products. The companies that Hire Authority represents need your skills and commitment to their enterprise, especially if you hold National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) certification.

Punch Press Operator

Are you an experienced Punch Press Operator? Ready to focus on the task at hand and help operate and maintain the valuable precision machinery of your employer?  Are you organized and able to focus on efficient and safe operations while maintaining quality and efficiency? Are you dependable and come with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn? Are you ready to find the next team that you can contribute to? Our clients are looking for dependable, skilled, and eager Punch Press Operators. Contact us now and see what’s out there waiting for you.


As a skilled Machinist, you have been trained to use powerful tools with precision and care. You know how to transform the detailed mechanical drawings that you’re made responsible for into tangible industrial products. You understand the properties of the raw materials you are working with and the capabilities and limitations of the tools in your arsenal. You can develop procedures that will get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible while also meeting the inspection requirements of your employer. There is always a market for skilled and dependable Machinists with our clients.


Are you a skilled welder? Are you ready to take your skills — skills that are in high demand — onto the open market? Well, now’s the time, especially if you’re under the age of 50. According to data gathered by the American Welding Society, the average age of a welder today is 55. By 2024 it’s expected that there will be a shortage of 400,000 professional, certified welders in the United States. If you have the skills necessary or are ready to get the required training, Hire Authority has clients who are on the hunt for your services.


As a professional drafter, you have mastered the software tools and developed the technical skills to take engineering designs and turn them into the practical technical drawings that tradespeople will depend on to get their end of the job done. With your experience using Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) and Product Data Management (PDM) systems, Hire Authority can find Mechanical Drafter/CADD Operator positions that local manufacturers need to fill. They need skilled Drafters to keep their assembly lines running and you can help them with the education, training, and work-based skillset that you’ve developed.

Electrical Assembler

In our digital age — with our lives full of electronic devices that come in all shapes and sizes — the need for skilled and diligent Electrical Assemblers is ever present. With your skills in wiring, routing, riveting, soldering, and micro-welding there will be area manufacturers looking for you. The Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) sector in the Twin Cities area is strong and companies that design and manufacture electronics are in constant need of superior Electrical Assemblers. Bring the tools of your trade — both your hand tools and your hard and soft job skills — to the labor market.

Medical Assembler

With the baby boomer generation hitting retirement age and continued advances in the development of medical technology, the production of medical devices will continue to be a growth sector in manufacturing. Good Medical Assemblers will find their job prospects robust. Your detail-orientated nature and capacity to work without constant supervision — your ability to follow blueprints and parts lists and assemble lifesaving medical equipment — is a skill rewarded on the open market. Hire Authority has the connections to the area’s medical device manufacturers that will lead you to your next job and the opportunity to be part of this growing sector of the economy.


Put your engineering degree to its best use by letting Hire Authority match your skills and experience with local manufacturers in need of top-shelf talent. Your passion for invention, design, analysis, and plain old tinkering could be vital to a successful company. If you feel it’s time for a new challenge or aren’t satisfied with your current job, please get in touch with us and let us see if there’s a manufacturer out there looking for what you bring to the job market. We’ll use this quote from Congressman Tony Cárdenas to sum up your job search process: “As an engineer, you learn there is a solution to every problem. It may take you a while, but eventually you’re going to find it.”

Machine Maintenance Technician

As a Machine Maintenance Technician, you play a vital role in not only keeping a factory running at peak efficiency but also running at peak safety. The machinery is the heart of any manufacturing enterprise. If the heart starts to skip a beat too often or otherwise malfunctions, then the whole body of the factory is in trouble. Your skillset in analysis and hands-on repair is vital to industry. Your ability to quickly diagnose a problem and minimize any downtime on the shop floor is fundamental to success in the manufacturing sector. Area employers need skilled and dedicated Machine Maintenance Technicians.

Brake Press Operator

With a computer numeric controlled (CNC) brake press you help make routine the precision bends, punches, and cuts that are required in any modern manufacturing operation. Your ability to read blueprints and technical drawings and then work your machine and produce a final product is where “the rubber meets the road” in the manufacturing process. No matter whether your expertise lies with mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, or servo-electric brake presses, it is very likely that Hire Authority has clients looking for the skillset of a dependable, professional Brake Press Operator.

Plant Manager – Supervisor

As an experienced Plant Manager/Supervisor, you know how valuable your skills are on the open market. Your ability to manage the operations of a manufacturing facility — including ensuring everyone’s safety at all times while also making sure peak efficiency is regularly maintained — is a rare skill set. Therefore, it is not a surprise that it’s a skillset that is in high demand by local manufacturers. Bring us your managerial skills and knowledge of ISO standards and HSE guidelines and let us find the local company that needs you. Hire Authority can find you the next position you’re looking for.

Production Supervisor

With your background spanning the entire manufacturing process, your skills as a Production Supervisor are well respected within the sector and in demand. Having supervised shop floors and managed the many links that make up the manufacturing chain — from preliminary product specs to final assembly — you bring an understanding of the “big picture” to the market. We at Hire Authority have clients that need your savvy and people skills, your ability to listen to input and assign tasks, and your understanding of the give and take of good management practices.

Laser Technician – Operator

The skills you’ve developed while becoming a Laser Technician/Operator in the industrial manufacturing sector  — the ability to assemble, dismantle, calibrate, test, operate, and repair lasers — are always in demand. Your aptitude with computer numeric controlled (CNC) laser machinery is a very refined skill that area companies are looking for and will be ready to reward with good salaries and benefits. We here at Hire Authority have the contacts within the manufacturing sector that will help you find the perfect landing spot for you to further your career.


Production in a modern manufacturing facility is a complicated process. A big part of that is getting all the variables of the equation — design specs, raw materials, labor, back-end transportation — coordinated and working smoothly together. Taking all the individual parts and making them work together as a cohesive whole. Making sure all the ingredients are where they need to be when they need to be. As an experienced Scheduler, you understand how difficult and important your job managing logistics is. So do local manufacturers. They work with us at Hire Authority when they need to fill Scheduler positions.


As an Estimator, you play a vital role in the manufacturing process. Your ability to collect and analyze data — so that accurate estimates with regards to scheduling, budgets, materials, and labor requirements are available to your employer — is vital to their operations. Without sound, precise cost planning and budget development no manufacturer can survive over the long haul. Companies know this and you know this. Hire Authority has numerous clients that are on the hunt for professional, dependable Estimators. Please feel free to contact us and let us see if we can find you your next job.

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