It’s certainly not uncommon to make a mistake at work, even with the best of intentions. Then your ego is bruised, you’re kicking yourself and you might even be suffering a bit of flack from your supervisors and colleagues. But the important part is how you rebound from that mistake. You have to be positive, focus on the present and future, and work hard to overcome it. Here are some tips on how to regroup after you make a mistake at work.

Accept responsibility

As in, full responsibility. No excuses, you messed up. Don’t try to shift the blame—this only causes further conflict and prevents you from moving forward. Accept that you made a poor decision and own it.

Understand your choices and don’t dwell on excuses

If you can show you’re ready to move forward, confident enough to face the same situation again, you’ll prove to your supervisor and your colleagues that you’re mature enough to handle a lot of responsibility. They’ll respect your humility and your courage.

Apologize and explain

Part of accepting responsibility is apologizing to anyone who’s been harmed or inconvenienced. Don’t downplay the situation or try to excuse it away. Acknowledge the hurt and the effects of your action and explain how you’re going to perform better next time.

Focus on the present

There’s no use dwelling on the past, rehashing what happened, and living in regret. That’s just a big waste of time and energy. Instead, plan what to do next. Lay out your next set of tasks and responsibilities and establish the best decision and means of achieving each one. Don’t be paralyzed into inaction; too sheepish or hesitant to make important decisions. The past is gone, you can’t change it. The only thing you can control is the singular, present moment in front of you right now. Focus on the positive, productive things you’re doing and use that confidence and momentum to keep propelling yourself forward.

Learn from your mistakes

Be proactive from now on. You made a mistake. So, what would you do differently if you were faced with the same decision again? How can you make sure you don’t make the same mistake, injuring or inconveniencing your colleagues once again. Make choices that will leave you feeling happy and positive and proud of yourself, so you can be happy in every moment.

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