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There will always be a market for skilled trade jobs. But as manufacturing and other skilled industries continue to grow, many of those workers are aging. In fact, many manufacturing workers are 55 and over, meaning they’re looking to retire. They need to be replaced with trained, skilled, younger workers who can get these jobs done the right way. Here’s how to make skilled trade jobs attractive to younger workers.

Change the paradigm

Manufacturing workers are often viewed as uneducated, blue-collar workers, but that’s not true. Manufacturing and other skilled trade jobs are more than jobs, they’re careers for smart, motivated people who like to use their heads and hands. These jobs are for people who want to work hard and want to get ahead, and because the manufacturing industry is so steady, there will always be skilled trade jobs available.

Build a sense of purpose

Nearly everything in the world depends upon the manufacturing industry. Single-family homes, skyscrapers, restaurants, grocery stores, warehouses and factories, not to mention roads, railways, airports and highways. They all need to be built by manufacturing workers. We’re all dependent upon them for nearly everything we do. What a great mission to be a part of! Skilled trade workers get to see the benefits of their efforts almost immediately. At the end of their 8-hour shift, they can look around and see what they’ve built that day.

Offer good pay and benefits

Skilled trade jobs, depending on training and experience can pay anywhere from $71 to $88 per hour, plus a health package and a pension. And because manufacturing in midwestern cities is more constant and not as prone to booms and busts, work is steady. By securing a skilled trade job or beginning training in such jobs, you’re actually launching a very secure, long-term career.

Establish training programs

Many vocational schools have closed and many public schools have eliminated skilled trades classes and training programs from their curriculum in favor of college prep classes. But college only brings on substantial debt without the guarantee of a job. Meanwhile, the manufacturing industry is loaded with older people who’ve spent their careers getting quality work done right. It’s the perfect time for younger workers, new to the industry to glean proper training, knowledge, and safety guidelines from those older workers. Most skilled trade jobs offer paid apprenticeships that last anywhere from three to five years—the chance to learn from the best industry.

Market to career-changers

People who are interested in changing their careers are ripe for these skilled trade jobs. They’re usually more mature, more motivated, and have more at stake, maybe even a mortgage, student loans, and children. They’re interested in solid, consistent salaries with great benefits. Skilled trade jobs offer consistency, a long-term career, and the chance to compete and get ahead.

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