Job seekers are sometimes turned off by staffing agencies because they assume the jobs they offer are only entry level jobs, temporary jobs, or jobs without benefits. But a staffing agency can be really useful in finding a range of jobs in a variety of industries. Here’s how you can start working with a staffing agency when you’re looking for a job.

Research the staffing agencies

When you’re ready to start working with a staffing agency, make sure you’re working with the right one in your area. They should work with the industry you’re interested in and have the types of jobs you’re seeing. While you can find everything from entry level to CEO positions through staffing agencies, some staffing agencies specialize in temp positions or permanent positions.

Ask questions

Aside from finding out what types of jobs they fill, ask about the benefits they offer and how long it generally takes to find a job. Some even offer workshops and seminars to help you develop your skills, prepare for interviews and craft your resume and cover letter. And remember, you should never have to pay to use a staffing company’s service. They are paid by the companies they hire for, not by the job seekers.

Interview with the agency

Your meetings with the staffing agency are just like your standard job interview. You should dress professionally, listen, and use positive body language, including a firm handshake and effective eye contact. Bring your resume and be prepared to answer questions.

Be honest and open-minded

Let the staffing agency know what your goals and skills are and when you’re available to work. If you can communicate your needs and wants clearly and honestly, odds are you’ll be matched with a job that’s a good fit for you. If you sugarcoat your availability or exaggerate your abilities, you might get offered jobs that are beyond your capabilities. And be open to all types of jobs. Even if you’re hoping for a permanent, full-time position, think about accepting temporary or part-time positions if they’re a good fit. Sometimes opportunity is just about getting your foot in the door of a great company. Or you might find an entry-level position that helps you develop other skills, giving you more experience to add to your resume and helping you prevent large, unemployment gaps.

Be persistent

Send a thank-you note to your interviewers as soon as your interview is over and follow up with the staffing agency if you haven’t heard back after a week. However, balance your enthusiasm to get hired with patience. Sometimes it takes a few tries before you find the perfect fit. And remember you can turn down the job offer if something about it doesn’t feel right to you.

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