Sometimes you come across the perfect resume, the perfect match for the position you have open. The candidate has the perfect education, the perfect work experience, the perfect certifications, the perfect everything. Or so it seems. Sometimes the interview is even perfect—charm and great answers are just oozing from the candidate. But don’t be fooled! A bad hire is costly to any company. Time, money, benefits, productivity, even morale! Here are some ways to make sure you don’t get fooled by candidates and find the perfect fit for your company.

The candidate is self-centered

Pay attention to the how much of the conversation is dedicated to the candidate himself. Yes, of course it’s an interview, so he has to discuss his qualifications and make himself look good. But he should also be crediting great bosses, mentors and co-workers he’s had. If he’s only talking about himself and his own great achievements, that’s a red flag. Look for someone who mentions cooperative efforts or is proud of his team’s accomplishments. Be especially leery of candidates who suddenly shift the blame to bosses or colleagues for failures. These habits aren’t likely to change after he’s hired!

The candidate doesn’t have any weaknesses

Everyone has at least one weakness. It’s important to recognize them, seek to develop those skills and find a way to compensate for them. This takes self-awareness, confidence and discipline—all great qualities in an ideal candidate!

The candidate is unprofessional

One instance of unprofessionalism—neglecting a part of the application, being a few minutes late to the interview—is probably excusable. But if those snags continue to happen throughout the process, consider that a red flag. If those behaviors are showing up during the hiring process, when she’s trying hard to present her best self, they’ll surely to continue after she’s hired.

Be aware of your own bias

It’s impossible to find an absolutely perfect candidate. They just don’t exist! If you’ve come across a perfect candidate, it’s too good to be true. Odds are you convinced yourself you found the perfect candidate. Figure out which piece just isn’t totally perfect and decide whether or not you can live with it.

Know your company culture

Even the most perfect of skills can’t necessarily help a candidate fit into your company culture. Think about the personality traits, mindset and behaviors that make your top employees successful. Does this person have those characteristics? If not, it’s best to keep looking. Check out references and don’t ignore those red flags! Remember that hard-workers who are passionate and willing to learn can be trained to do almost anything, but you can’t teach drive and ambition.

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