There have been a lot of developments in the world of employment, and the manufacturing sector is no exception. Employees are finding that benefits like flex time and more control over their roles are becoming the norm and no longer a hard-to-find perk. Meanwhile, manufacturing employees lag behind the national average when it comes to […]

You always have your smartphone on you, which means you always have access to helpful tools and information. The sharpest problem-solving skills are right at your fingertips! If you’re looking to get more done, master your organization, manage your time or create to-do lists, it might be time to check out a few of these […]

A well-run warehouse is the most important part of a successful company. Everything comes and goes out of the warehouse. Sales, distribution, and most transactions depend on it, so it has to be well run. Employees have to be efficient, conscientious and all inventory has to be accounted for. Procedures have to be in place, […]

It’s certainly not uncommon to make a mistake at work, even with the best of intentions. Then your ego is bruised, you’re kicking yourself and you might even be suffering a bit of flack from your supervisors and colleagues. But the important part is how you rebound from that mistake. You have to be positive, […]

With the onset of robotics and automation, the manufacturing industry is awash with change. Call it a revolution! The companies that are flexible, visionary, and innovative will fare the best. If you can adapt and stay ahead of the waves of change, your company will do very well. Here are four manufacturing trends to watch […]

According to OSHA, there are about 2,000 eye injuries in the workplace every day. And almost 90% of those injuries can be prevented with the right eye protection. But not all eye protection is created equal—some is sufficient for some jobs while other jobs need an extra degree of protection. Here are some tips for […]

Most people spend more waking hours at work with co-workers than at home with family and friends. So it’s important to get along with these people so you can work together and enjoy all that time you get to spend with them! Here are some reasons why it’s important to develop positive workplace relationships. Teamwork […]