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Best Ways to Get Back on the Horse After Long-Term Unemployment

Best Ways to Get Back on the Horse After Long-Term Unemployment

Long-term unemployment can be really tough for a few reasons. First, it can be devastating for your self-esteem—you start to wonder why no one wants to hire you. Second, gaps on your resume start to make potential employers wonder about you, too. They wonder whether you’re not a hard worker or there’s something else your […]

How Do I Become a Tool & Die Maker?

How Do I Become a Tool and Die Maker?

A tool and die maker, or machinist, works with computer-controlled machinery and mechanical equipment to cut, shape and finish precise tools, instruments and metal parts. They read blueprints, specifications, and CAD and CAM files, computing very precise dimensions, sizes and shapes. A very close attention to detail is needed as they then fit and adjust […]

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How’s the Future Lookin’ for the Manufacturing Industry?

The manufacturing industry is going through a significant change right now. Technological changes mean that machines and robots are supplementing and sometimes replacing jobs once staffed by people as companies seek innovation and efficiency. Upcoming geopolitical events might also alter the future of manufacturing, including Brexit, and additional regulations and tariffs. So it’s time to […]

Scarily Good Reasons You Should Focus on Employee Retention

Employees are arguably your most valuable resource, so it’s important to take good care of them. When an employee leaves and you must replace them, it costs time, and money, and sometimes hurt the morale of your other employees. Plus, it’s not easy to find a great replacement. It can take years to fully train […]

Looking for a New Job? Here’s How to Start Your Job Search When You’re Still Employed

Looking for a new job while you’re still employed can be a tricky balancing act. You’ll have a lot on your plate—stealthily sneaking out for interviews and updating your resume while still trying to finish all your job-related tasks. But it’s nice to keep collecting that paycheck; and most recruiters and hiring managers like to […]

8 Overused Buzzwords You Need to Ditch on Your Resume

Your resume is a critical document! So little space and so many important details to squeeze in there. The key is to eliminate unnecessary jargon, so you have room for the more meaningful information. Unfortunately, when people start to focus on using jazzy words that will make their resumes stand out, they tend to use […]

An All-Inclusive Guide to Your First Welding Interview

Congratulations! You’ve completed a welding program, and now you’re ready for your first job. But first, we have to prepare for the interview. You’ll want to make a solid first impression as a safe, hardworking welder who’s willing to listen to instruction and get along with others. Here’s an all-inclusive guide to your first welding […]

4 Simple Ways to Improve Workplace Culture

There have been a lot of developments in the world of employment, and the manufacturing sector is no exception. Employees are finding that benefits like flex time and more control over their roles are becoming the norm and no longer a hard-to-find perk. Meanwhile, manufacturing employees lag behind the national average when it comes to […]

The Best-Kept Secrets to Explaining Employment Gaps on Your Resume

Having a gap on your resume is a bit scary. Maybe you left your previous job because you had to care for a sick relative. Or raise your kids. Or travel through Europe. Or maybe you simply had trouble finding a new job. Regardless of the reason, there are good ways to explain why you […]

9 Soft Skills Manufacturing Employers Are Looking For

Soft skills are those intangible skills and traits that are harder to measure and define, but sometimes more important than certifications and other qualifications. But just because they can’t always be measured doesn’t mean hiring managers and supervisors can’t tell when they’re there or not. Most soft skills deal with interpersonal interactions, teamwork, and cohesiveness. […]