So, you think you’ve found the perfect job! Only it’s a temporary contract position, not a full-time gig. Never fear! There’s always a chance your current company will want to bring you on permanently. But you have to prove yourself! Here are five steps for turning your contract position into a full-time job.

Show off your soft skills           

Even if you’re super qualified and have loads of highly specialized skills, people usually notice your soft skills first. Be on time. Be friendly, positive and professional. Dress appropriately. Be a team player. Communicate effectively—both in person and by email. Make yourself invaluable to the rest of the team!

Be the initiator

Keep offering to help with other assignments! Make sure your work is done first; then, offer a hand on another project. Or ask if you can help a co-worker by relieving some of their workload. It gives you a chance to learn new skills or allows you to show off some of your skills that might have otherwise stayed quiet. Show you’re willing to put in the hard work, open to new challenges and always eager to learn more.

Be open-minded

Consider other positions in the company that might be a good fit, not just your current position. Ask questions and keep your options open. You might discover something you really love, or you might stumble into a position that gets you a foot in the door.

Advocate for yourself, graciously

Keep a lookout for job opportunities in your temporary company. But, first, prioritize the duties you currently have! No one will hire you if you can’t prove you can do the things you were hired to do. Focus on your current tasks and responsibilities and make sure you’re getting things done. And done well! Once you’ve established yourself as diligent and reliable, then schedule a conversation to express your interest in a full-time permanent position.

Keep building your network

In other words, make friends! Get to know the employees all over the company. Ask to have coffee or lunch with as many people as possible to ask for feedback and general career advice. Ask people their personal lives and about their careers. Where did they start in the company? What were they doing before that? What are their goals? Even if you don’t end up landing a full-time job, these people might be able to connect you with someone who can. Or they can write a glowing letter of recommendation in the future.

For more tips on how to figure out the next step in your career, connect with one of our recruiting specialists and start your search.

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